Nakamichi light weight on ear headphone NMHP150, with its adjustable headband and comfortable ear cushions is ideal for music on the go. Equipped with an Air Plane Adapter and in-line music/talk control switch, this is a traveler’s best companion.

Neodymium Magnet

Neodymium magnet allows for a smaller lighter driver unit, used in the Nakamichi headphones to produce the audio clarity comparable to a speaker system.

In Line Music Control

The inline music & talk control allows you to play/ pause or shuffle through your favourite music or take an incoming call without the hassle of reaching out to your phone every time.

Airplane Adapter

Now enjoy in-flight entertainment with the same sound clarity as you enjoy your favourite music. With the free ‘Air Plane Adapter%27 included in the pack, we ensure that you enjoy quality sound any where, every where.

Connect All

Nakamichi %27%27Talk Control%27%27 headphones are compatible with virtually any smart phone featuring a 3.5mm headphone jack*. (e.g.. Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iOS devices). *Smart phones of Nokia and certain models of Sony Xperia require a separate adapter for the headphone jack.