These high-fidelity Aluminum Satellite Speakers with built-in Dolby Digital 5.1 /PL-II/DTS 5.1 decoder allows you to minimise space. Along with an active subwoofer, SoundSpace-17 produces discreet and incredibly enhanced digital home entertainment.

Active subwoofer with inbuilt amplifier

SoundSpace 17 speakers are powered by an amplifier in-built in the active subwoofer, so that you can enjoy quality detailed surround sound audio even without an expensive amplifier. The active subwoofer also has a USB port to enjoy your favourite movies just by pluging into the SoundSpace 17.

Nakamichi Harmonic Time Alignment

The time alignment of an amplified music signal and its distortion components has a profound effect on perceived sound quality. Harmonic Time Alignment is a patented technology by Nakamichi, the sonic benefits of which include powerful high-resolution bass, a natural richly detailed mid range, and smooth clear highs.

Front Speaker Pair
Surround Speaker Pair