SoundSpace-14 is one of the most stylish ipod dock ever .Experience crystal clear sound through 3 way stereo speakers giving detailed sound from iPad/iPhone/iPod. Watch videos and photos comfortably in portrait or landscape mode.

30 pin ipod Docking

Rotatable docking for iphone/ ipad/ ipod (30 pin). View your favourite videos on the ipad in vertical or horizontal orientation while enjoying crisp details audio through the beautifully crafted 3 way speakers. Enjoy Nakamichi app for Apple devices, specially created to control and enhance your audio experience on SoundSpace 14.

Clock/ Alarm

Start your day with your favourite music on the ipod/ iphone/ ipad (through Nakamichi app).

Classic Aluminium Finish

The famed SoundSpace series of Nakamichi has always been known for its unique style. Continuing that tradiyion, SoundSpace 14 is elegantly placed on a classic aluminium finish base fitted with a smooth blue illuminatuon at the base that makes it the center piece of the room.

3 Way Speakers

With the elegant looking 3 way speakers, SoundSpace14 blends modern style with the clarity of sound through out the audio range that you would expect of a Nakamichi SoundSpace

Nakamichi Harmonic Time Alignment

The time alignment of an amplified music signal and its distortion components has a profound effect on perceived sound quality. Harmonic Time Alignment is a patented technology by Nakamichi, the sonic benefits of which include powerful high-resolution bass, a natural richly detailed mid range, and smooth clear highs.

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