Listen to your favourite music with the clarity and detail that the artist would have wanted you to. With an elegant style and unbelievable performance, enjoy the convinience of wireless transfer through Airplay or Bluetooth.


Stream your favourite music wirelessly from your iOS device through Air Play. TA601 is specially made for music lovers to enjoy the convinience of wireless streaming with zero loss of audio quality.


Stream music wirelessly from your smart phone, tablet or PC and immerse yourself in a magical audio experience.


Just tap your NFC enabled smart phone on the tag and enjoy wirelessly streamed music on the Nakamichi music system.

Nakamichi Harmonic Time Alignment

The time alignment of an amplified music signal and its distortion components has a profound effect on perceived sound quality. Harmonic Time Alignment is a patented technology by Nakamichi, the sonic benefits of which include powerful high-resolution bass, a natural richly detailed mid range, and smooth clear highs.

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