This tower dock is elegance at its best. This transparent and sleek tower comes with a down firing subwoofer, which when placed on an appropriate aquastic surface gives you a sound experience unthinkable from a tower dock. The aquastics design of iP620TS-BT enables to give an amazing ambience of sound output that is perfectly suited to your listening pleasure.

Lightning pin

Plug in, play/ control music and symultaneously charge any ipod/ipad/iphone with Lightning pin.


Stream music wirelessly from your smart phone, tablet or PC and immerse yourself in a magical audio experience.

Down firing subwoofer

Feel the heart thumping deep bass of the down firing subwoofer. Placed on a suitable acuastic surface (eg. wood) the down firing subwoofer enhances the low frequency output.


Listen to your favourite FM channel with the details only possible on a Nakamichi speaker.


Plug in your USB/ MP3 and play unlimited content on the iPod dock.

Nakamichi Harmonic Time Alignment

The time alignment of an amplified music signal and its distortion components has a profound effect on perceived sound quality. Harmonic Time Alignment is a patented technology by Nakamichi, the sonic benefits of which include powerful high-resolution bass, a natural richly detailed mid range, and smooth clear highs.

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