Enjoy dynamic life like images in Full HD on the LEVX39 framed in an elegant hot metal stamp finish. Watch your favourite content through USB or HDMI. Niro Engine, the unique Nakamichi image processor, greatly enhances the contrast and colour range of the image, giving you a unique viewing experience.

Niro Engine

The key influencer of picture quality in an LED TV is the image processor. Niro Engine is a unique smart processor that enhances contrast and colour information of the signal to produce unrivaled picture quality to the highest HD 1080P standard.

One stop Multimedia Centre

Just plug in your USB and watch your favourite movie on the Nakamichi TV. Or connect Gaming Console, Blu-ray Player or Home Theatre System to your TV through HDMI and transfer high definition digital signal straight to your TV.

Image Noise Filter

The INF filters the input signal of the intrinsic irregularities to give you a more smooth picture quality that is soothing to the eye.

Ultra Noise Filter

Nakamichi Televisions are made with an in-built Noise Filter that combs the input sound signal of its inherent noise components and delivers more refined sound clarity.