Nakamichi Launch Ultra High Definition 84 inch 3D Smart TV

Nakamichi has launched the new NSU series of Ultra HD 3D Smart TVs in 84 inch, 65 inch and 55 inch sizes. The Utra HD TVs are simply gorgeous with the sleek metal frame and the picture quality is unbelievably realistic.
Nakamichi has always been synonymous with high quality, aesthetics and perfection, since its inception in 1948. From being the forerunners in the acoustics field, Nakamichi has effectively spread its expertise into visual media and cutting edge digital technologies. The brand is committed to technology expertise and is focused in developing aspirational products that are affordable while maintaining its high standards in quality and design.
Immerse yourself in the brilliance of the Nakamichi 3D Smart series that simply enhances the elegance of the room. Power packed with dual core CPU, the Smart TV brings high speed internet capability and many other brilliant features to the televisions of the day. Unique Nakamichi picture processor, the Nero Engine with aid of quad core GPU gives out of this world colour reproduction with crispy Motion Flow, producing a more realistic natural image with virtually no motion blur. The models come equipped with the latest Android 4.2 OS which makes high speed multi-tasking a breeze. Moreover, with Google Play, you have access to over a millions of apps, games and content online.
The DLNA feature allows one to access unlimited internet content as well as multimedia data from your home enabled DLNA devices (phones, tablets, etc), all on the big screen. The MHL feature allows you to do a mirror copy of your MHL enabled smart phone, while simultaneously charging it.
The built in Wi-Fi and full Web browser makes it flexible for both work and leisure, be it that Skype meeting or watching You- Tube videos with the family.
The Dual Play and Multi Screen features are the icing on the cake. The former makes it possible to view two different content on the full screen at the same time (by means of unique glasses and sound outputs). Fighting for the remote is a thing of the past now. Multi Screen is a bundle of smart interaction features between the TV and a smart phone/ tablet. You can enjoy a duplication of the TV screen on to your portable smart device that can act as a second screen and never miss a show while you go about your work at home. The smart phone/ tablet can act as a smart remote, mouse pad, keyboard or a gravity sensor gaming controller to add to your TV experience. You can also relive your prized moments captured on the smart phone/ tablet on the large highest resolution screen with just a tap of the portable smart device towards the TV.

Immerse yourself in an all new range of Nakamichi Television that defines smart entertainment. Power packed with Dual core CPU and Quad Core GPU, the Nakamichi NS series brings high spe....

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Nakamichi has launched the new NSU series of Ultra HD 3D Smart TVs in 84 in...