About Nakamichi

Nakamichi Corporation is one of the world’s premiere manufacturers of high quality, high performance audio/video and multimedia equipment. Long renowned for the sophistication of its home audio and mobile sounds systems, the company continues to introduce leading edge products that are widely available throughout the world.

The Nakamichi name represents a long, proud tradition of quality and innovation in acoustics and electronics. Nakamichi originated as a small research institute in 1948, specializing in the research and development of electromagnetism, magnetic recording, acoustic and communications.

During this stage, research services were provided to many institutes operated by governments, universities and private industries. Nakamichi’s early consumer products were open-reel tape recorders, which were manufactured for major brand-name companies. When the compact cassette was developed, Nakamichi became heavily involved in cassette recorder manufacturing and making high-quality products under other brand names.

The new millennium sees Nakamichi as the pre-eminent leader in the “design-driven“category of audio and home theater systems. The exciting range of SoundSpace Systems; 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and 21 have received the coveted and prestigious Consumer Electronic Association Innovation Award in 2000, 2001 and 2002 juried by the Industrial Designer Association of America.


Founded in 1948 by the late Etsuro Nakamichi, the company initially designed and develop portable radios, tone arms, speakers and communication equipment. Within three years an open –reel tape recorder was introduced and by 1957 the Company was also manufacturing magnetic heads and tape recorders.

Nakamichi Research studied methods of reducing the noise common to early tape recording. The result was a consumer high fidelity deck using a simplified form of Dolby’s complex tape heads and mechanism Nakamichi could design. Nakamichi research became licensee Number 1 for the new Dolby noise reduction system, and the product of this innovation, a reel-to-reel deck, was introduced in 1969 under the KLH brand name. Nakamichi Went on to build the world’s first Dolby –equipped, high bias-capable cassette deck for Advent, another leading marketer of the day.

By 1972, Consumer reports rated decks built by Nakamichi and sold under other brand names –number –1, 2, 5 and 7 in its roster of best performers. The first product to bear the Nakamichi name was a cassette deck designed to provide reel to reel quality sound. When the Nakamichi 1000 was introduced in 1972, it was quickly established as one of the most influential audio electronic products in history; reversing the belief that cassette couldn’t be hi-fi.

It was the biggest. Most costly and most complex deck ever devised. It was packed with features that had never been used for cassette; from its three heads and fully electronic transport controls to its azimuth adjustment system and peak reading meters. The Nakamichi 1000 proved in a single stroke the brilliance of all the design approaches that were to be used in the top-line cassette decks that followed.

Over Many years, Innovations continued to roll from the research and development activities at Nakamichi, including those resulting from research into compact disc and other optical memory system. This created full range of high–end electronics products that extended the Nakamichi reputation for performance and quality.

Along with its prowess in technology, Nakamichi has long demonstrated its commitment to music. In Tokyo the company built a 102-seat concert hall as part of its Sound Research Centre –a hall that has been used since 1977 to study live music under controlled conditions.

The Company’s commitment to music is demonstrated also by support of the E. Nakamichi Foundation, established in1982 by Etsuro Nakamichi to reflect his love of classical, baroque and other forms of music. The foundation sponsors concerts and music competitions, and provides grants and cultural exchange opportunities to promising musicians.
His only son Takeshi Nakamichi now spearheads research and development efforts.


Etsuro Nakamichi had a dream to bring the finest engineers and scientists together for the purpose of improving existing technologies to create world class audio and communication products.

1948: Nakamichi was initially started as a research based organization. Commissioned to carry out research and development work for and government agencies, the company was initially called Nakamichi.

1951: Developed and manufactured open reel tape decks for the "Magic Tone" label.

1957: Developed and manufactured proprietary magnetic tape heads. With the advent of the cassette media, Nakamichi was committed to attaining the finest possible performance for this format. To accomplish this, material and designs were developed resulting in the first taped head reproduction capabilities from 20Hz to 20 kHz.

1957: FIDELA 807 Reel tape deck Pictured here is the FIDELA Open reel Tape deck. The FIDELA brand was the forerunner to the Nakamichi brand. Featuring a three-head configuration, it exhibited exceptionally high performance for the time.

1967: Started manufacturing cassette decks for the most influential hi-fi Companies including: Harmon Kardon, KLH, Advent, Fisher, ELAC, Sylvania Concord, Ampex and Motorola.

1972: Introduced the Nakamichi 1000. The Nakamichi 1000 was the first true High fidelity cassette deck and the world’s first three head cassette deck. This marked the debut of audio products bearing the Nakamichi name.

1975: 550 Portable Cassette Deck - The portable Nakamichi 550 cassette Deck was battery operated and could be used outdoors. Singer Stevie Wonder was known to listen to music on the 550 with it slung over his shoulder on his concert tours.

1976: Nakamichi 250 Cassette Player and ADS2002 Active Speakers (The first true hi-fi car audio). This product brought to life the desire of Nakamichi Engineers who wanted to be able to listen to music in their cars; the same in some ways, and yet very different in others, to the cars audio systems of today. The sound produced by this system was of exceptionally high quality. This product was jointly developed by Nakamichi and the US company, ADS audio.

1977: Unveiling of the Nakamichi concert hall. This concert hall was the result of Etsuro Nakamichi’s passion for music And the recording of music, this concert hall was built for the employees of Nakamichi , and became more-or less a large –scale testing device where Nakamchi’s engineers could hear music live and test and compare the products they were developing.

1978: 730 FM/AM Receiver - More than 20 years ago, Nakamichi was producing these kinds of stylish devices with almost no protruding volume controls or the like, This receiver was characterized by its flat surface design.

1982: Nakamichi Dragon, employing the revolutionary NAAC was developed and became the new reference standard for cassette recording. This year also marked the establishment of the E Nakamichi Foundation.

1990: Debuts its first 3 disc changer mechanism that load contact and without the need for a CD cartridge. DAT 1000/1000mb CD player as we moved from the analogue age into the digital Nakamichi, moving onto the challenges of the digital devices were the DAT 1000 Digital DA/AD processor. Each one of these device received high acclaim as digital audio devices that offered superior sound quality.

1994: Over two million Music Bank DC changers were manufactured for the worldwide market.

1995: The success of the 3-Disc MusicBank lead to the launch of a new MusicBank CD changer.

1996: Nakamichi introduced a 5-Disc MusicBank for mobile use. The ingenious Mechanism loads the CD’s without the need of any cartridge or tray eliminating the possibility of damage to the delicate CD surface.

1998: Nakamichi introduce the next generation Mobile MusicBank. The MB-75 Mobile Changer/ Receiver provides 6-Disc in A DIN sized opening - a world’s first. The first model in a new product series named SoundSpace the SoundSpace 8 was introduced to unanimous acclaim. A complete stereo Music system the SoundSpace 8’s unique design set the trend for the Future of audio and audio/ video products.

2000: The SoundSpace product line expanded to offer unprecedented choices to Audio and Home Theatre enthusiasts around the world. New models launched at this time include high-end home theater systems as well as additional Stereo music Systems that appealed to the most design and performance conscious Audiophiles and cinema enthusiasts. The CD-700 mobile Tuner/ CD player is introduced and instantly becomes The reference standard compact disc source unit that all other are compared against. The CD-700’s sonically superb-24-bit D/A converter and extensive use of the highest quality component parts makes it arguably superior to any other car stereo unit available today.

2002: SoundSpace products are universally recognized for their design and Performance and receive numerous awards from the consumer Electronics Association and various other national publications including The Industrial Design Society of America’s innovation award and Editor’s Choice award from audio video interiors, E-Gear and Sound & Vision magazines.

2003: Launch of VU series of Multimedia Displays.



500 2-Head Cassette Deck
The most advanced 2-head cassette deck with it trademark Crystalloy Super head was introduced. Intriguing features such as DC Servomotor Tri Mic/ Stereo Line record Control level control. Standard Dolby level and 3 position tape selector distinguished its superior capabilities.


Nakamichi 550
The Nakamichi 550 Cassette Deck was battrye-driven high performance Cassette deck. Equipped with a 6-point Microphone Mixing Unit (L,R and Blend L+R) it also has a DC-DC converter for a longer battery life. Singer Stevie wonder was known to listen to music on the 550 with it slung over His shoulder during his concert tours.


600 2- Head Cassette Console
The Nakamichi 600 was the first 2- head cassette console to offer the The high performance characteristic of a 3- head deck. It features hi- Performance Crystal.Dolby B-Type Noise reduction and human engineered Operating Angle, one can use it with such and pleasure.


350 Versatile Cassette Deck
Bringing new meaning to versatility in audio equipment , Nakamichi once Again scaled to new heights with the production of a compact deck that Delivered intriguing performance. Featuring focused field crystal Permalloy record / playback head. Dolby-B-type noise reduction system And a 35dB range Peak Level meter. It has proven to be yet another Engineering triumph for Nakamichi .


250 Cassettes Player

The 250 Cassette player can be used both outdoor and indoor with the optical AC adaptor. It is the ideal choice for both dubbing purpose as well as the playback in a home with dual or more stereo systems.


430 FM Tuner
Innovative Nakamichi FM circuitry delivered astounding performance That was perceived as “ super –tuners” when it was launched. Equipped With an unique combination of state –of- the –art performance. Elegant And superior sound quality and further empowered with 5-Gange Variable capacitor and low noise dual gate MOS FETs for stable FM reception.


1000 II Discrete 3 –Head Cassette Deck
A descendant of the world's first discrete 3-Head Cassette Deck, which Was the first product produced by Nakamichi. The 1000II surpassed Expectations in performance and quality by rendering the purest pith of accoustics with computer aided design. Recording head azimuth control with alignment Beacon and 400Hz test zone for Azimuth and level Calibration. It was yet another step towards breaking the sound- barrier".


Nakamichi 530 Reciever
Housing state-of- the-art separate components, the 530 receiver outshines other.


680ZX 2-Speed Cassette Deck
Nakamichi unveiled the world's first high-fidelity Cassette Deck with Achievement of “Half tape speed recording (2.4cm/sec)" Its frequency Response was 20Hz to 15,000Hz that covered the frequency range of FM broadcasting . Flaunting Auto Azimuth Alignment. Discrete 3-head Technology and 18-program RAMM amongst other things, the 680ZX Had received rave reviews by audio connoisseurs, including renowned Publications such as modern recording and High Fidelity.


1000ZXL Computing Cassette Deck
Equip with A.B.L.E ( Azimuth, Bias, level,Equalizer) and RAMM ( Random Access Music Memory) Capabilities, the introduction of this limited edition Was a radical departure from the norm and recognized among the discerning Listeners as a work of genius.


700ZXL Computing Casette Deck
Nakamichi offers yet another step-up to perfection-the 700ZXL Computing Deck. With all the characteristics of the 700ZXE such as A.B.L.E and RAMM, The 700ZXL also offers MPX subsonic features, direct- coupled recording And playback amplifiers as well as external Dolby C-Type Noise reduction System.


581Z Discrete 3-head Cassette Deck
The Nakamichi 581Z-a reference standard that served as a benchmark in World of tape recording. With its Dolby –C type Noise reduction, wide Range LED Peak level meters and complete calibration facilities ensured Low noise distortion for optimum sound quality.


682ZX Discrete Head Cassette Deck
The 682ZX offered a wide bandwidth, exquisite accuracy and of course, Advanced noise- reduction technology. Each component within the 682ZX is optimized of its intended function. Thus ensuring production Of uncompromising sound-quality.


482Z Cassette Deck
The 482Z cassette deck was the worlds very first-3- head recorder. While Others have followed in our wake. None have been able to capture the The high-standard performance characteristics of out authentic feature Other than the discrete 3-head cassette deck featuring closed loop dual Capstan and diffused- resonance transport with motor driven cam.


700ZXE Auto Tuning Cassette Deck
The Nakamichi 700ZXE was designed to keep cynics at bay. Who says that? Style can't exist with superb quality? The 700ZXE did just that-employing The latest audio technology while looking good doing it.


A high acclaim masterpiece applauded by discerning audiophiles. Our goal To achieve auto azimuth alignment of playback head was finally realized. With the implementation of NAAC ( Nakamichi Auto Azimuth Correction) In Dragon. We became the world's first in proving features even in Reverse.


RX-202 Uni-Directional Auto- Reverse Deck
With the Elimenation of "bi-directional azimuth error" there's no fear of Compromising sound quality by the loss of high frequency response, Nakamichi has made its mark with another milestone by being the first to Rectify it with its very own Auto Azimuth Correction system. The solution was the RX-202


RX-505- Uni- Directional Auto –Reverse Deck
Equip with four unique Nakamichi reference technologies. UDAR Mechanism Discrete 3- head system, Asymmetrical Dual Capstan Transport And hi-performance Direct Coupled Electronics- the introduction of the RX- 505 amazed the industry with its ingenious capabilities.


Nakamichi TD-1200
A monumental product which displayed ultimate potential of car audio. Nakamichi's first mobile/ tuner cassette deck has received rare reviews Since it was launched.


The PA-300 features Direct-coupling for superb signal transmission accuracy Together with our differential input stage for exceptionally low noise/ Distotortion and t op-of – the class-B Sepp output. Which delivered clear, Dynamic.